The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Wii U (E3) vs. Switch Comparação gráfica

Uma visão comparativa de Breath of the Wild capturado no Wii U na E3 2016, ao lado da recém-revelada versão do Nintendo Switch. (Mais jogabilidade foi incluída nesta nova comparação.) 10 minutos de The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild no modo portátil 9 minutos de New Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jogabilidade em mundo aberto – Treehouse Live Destaques da apresentação do Nintendo Switch – IGN Daily Fix Acompanhe Tudo Nintendo Switch aqui! —————————– —– Siga IGN para mais! ———————————- APLICATIVO IGN OFICIAL: FACEBOOK : TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SITE: / GOOGLE+: #ign #zelda #nintendoswitch


39 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Wii U (E3) vs. Switch Comparação gráfica

  1. im getting the wii u version not much difference specially in this type of cell shaded games. ill buy switch maybe next year depends if the game library is enough to convince me buying it. but hell no ill buy it because of 1 2 switch.

  2. Developed for the Wii U so both versions are very close.
    If you have a Wii U play it on Wii U.
    But otherwise you should take it with Nintendo Switch and bring it with you everywhere !

  3. I think the lighting is better on Wii U version. The sun casts a yellow hue on everything same with the water and blue lighting in the cave casting a blue hue on link. This is absent on the switch the lighting looks bland and stale in comparison, it lacks the personality of the scenes in the Wii U.

    Switch has cleaner image due to higher resolution and higher draw distance. But that lighting looks alot better on Wii U, it gives the game the personality of a zelda game. The switch looks like a sharper port or something you'd see running on an emulator lacking the personality of original hardware and developer tweaks.

  4. Doesn't matter,too expensive,even if It weren't I'd still not buy another one of the same old trend the industry throws every few years, not gonna buy a Nintendo Switch for just a few games.

  5. A comparison months apart in development. We don't know that they didn't simply make changes to the game to cause those minor differences. The Wii U version today could look just like the Switch version. Unless we can see a snapshot of both versions at the same time, it is an unfair comparison.

  6. I'm debating, because I don't have wii u. I'd love to get this game but if I got a wii u I'd probably also get mario maker and some of the HD zeldas, i.e., wind waker and twilight princess. Probably all for around the same price as just switch with breath of the wild. Guess I'll have to wait and see how breath of the wild does on wii u.

  7. I think that Wii U is better in overall, but Switch has better details but there is one big dissapointment. It looks like Switch has almost no lightning at all. Wii U is much more prettier, just cause of the lightning and little bit of that fog.

  8. To you trolls saying no difference. Switch botw:
    higher resolution
    Better sound and sound effects hd
    Faster load times
    better draw distance
    better framerate
    better lighting

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