Minha enorme coleção Nintendo Wii U! – Mais de 150 jogos!

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19 thoughts on “Minha enorme coleção Nintendo Wii U! – Mais de 150 jogos!

  1. Awesome collection! Some insight on Kamen Rider for context: It's a Power Rangers-type show (same studio from Japan). Usually focuses on guys in bug suits beating the crap out of the monster of the week. Obviously there's more to it, but that should be enough basic knowledge to get you through lol.

  2. Congrats on the big number! I just recently completed the collection. Not counting Limited Run releases there’s only 163 physical releases for Wii U, so you’re very close!

  3. Good timing. My Turbo SSS just arrived in the mail. As far as the big boys go, I now have it, plus Devil's, Unwritten, G&Wario, and Zelda BotW First Print. Just need Axiom Verge. I have 142 but some are variants. Think I still need around 40

  4. A video game… for 50 cents. I can easily say I have NEVER seen a game sell for that price. Not now, not in 2005, not in 1993. That is crazy to me. My guess is you are based out of the midwest or the south.

  5. Hi Bro, the monster hunter frontier games hare very rare and hard to find. the japanese version of Fatal Frame is cheaper than the pal version. The youtuber Finngamer is a good source of information.

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