Em teoria: Nintendo Switch/NX Virtual Console rodaria jogos de Wii/GameCube?

Adivinha? A tecnologia Tegra do Nintendo Switch/NX já está rodando jogos de Wii e GameCube em emulação não oficial! Quão bons são os resultados e até que ponto a Nintendo poderia fazer melhor? Tom dá uma olhada. Inscreva-se no Digital Foundry para saber mais: http://bit.ly/DFSubscribe


22 thoughts on “Em teoria: Nintendo Switch/NX Virtual Console rodaria jogos de Wii/GameCube?

  1. Welp, we know the answer now! Not that we didn't know a couple years ago with the hacking scene shedding light on this. But Sunshine / Galaxy prove that Nintendo could if they'd like.

  2. Gamecube? maybe. Wii? no way. I have a gtx 1080 and wii games still get big frame drops etc so if there were to do it it would be pretty awful

  3. Gotta say gamecube games still look pretty tham good even today, guess that's just what puts Nintendo appart from other devs. But yeah, even the Wii U could run Wii games so my guess is they will just port them over. My guess is rather that they will start making Wii U virtual console and meaby Game cube virtual console.

  4. Hey @DigitalFoundry Any updates in the matter? Will Switch support really old games? I'm not worried about CPU power needed for old games, but merely, the will of Nintendo to support GBA, NDS, N64 games in the Switch. I'm a die hard for old Nintendo games, and I have spent several bucks through Virtual Console in the Wii U.

  5. Just thought i'd say, Virtual Console games don't run at the original games' resolution when it comes to N64.
    From what I can see and from what I remember, N64 games are always upscaled from whatever resolution they ran at originally, to 480p (640×480).

  6. Great research guys! I had no idea the Nvidia shield was that powerful. Running an emulator on battery looks like a concern.
    Android on ARM is a much more approachable platform, so I'm hoping 3rd party support is greatly improved.

  7. To function properly, Mario Sunshine requires an option in the graphics plugin called EFB to Ram. If you don't enable this option, it's impossible to actually clean the slime covering floors. It will disappear visually but the game will still think the graffiti is there physically. You can see this in the Tegra window when Mario runs over what seems to be clean floor but is still slipping around taking damage (the sludge is still physically there but invisible).

    EFB to Ram slows things down a lot. Delfino Plaza and Bianco Hills are consistently 2-6 frames away from full speed even without this option. If you enable it, the framerate will tank into the teens or even single digits at some points. Decent Intel processors can handle it, but even the best mobile CPU's out there can't.

    The question is whether Nintendo can do better. Which they may well be able to. Having all the original software, devkits and documents is a huge advantage over unofficial fan work. It might even be possible to run the game without EFB to Ram in the future with more work. Either way though, i wanted to mention the option so people don't get excited about the game being almost full speed on Tegra X1.

    Also, not all Gamecube games are created equally. There are even more resource intensive Gamecube games than Sunshine (Metroid Prime or F-zero to name two).

  8. NX could easily run GCN games no problem. The Wii, on the other had, it probably could run but, Nintendo would probably have to rework the game to allow regular controls for the games that didn't have them.

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