Incrível desempenho de emulação portátil! – Xbox 360, Switch, PS3, Wii U e PS2 – AYANEO NEXT

O AYANEO NEXT é o mais recente dispositivo portátil para jogos do Windows com um processador Ryzen 7 5800u. Neste vídeo, damos uma olhada no desempenho de emulação do AYANEO NEXT quando se trata de emulação de Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP e Wii U. Mais informações: Câmera:​ Discord: Siga-me: / -Especificações- CPU: Ryzen 7 5800u GPU: Vega 8 RAM: 16 GB LPDDR4x 4266 Armazenamento: SSD NVMe de 2 TB Bateria: 47 Wh Display: IPS 1280×800 de 7 polegadas Rede: Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 SO: Windows 10 -Timestamps- Introdução / Comparação com 4500u – 00:00 Emulação 3DS – 01:13 Emulação SNES/BSNES – 01:42 Emulação Xbox 360 – 02:06 Emulação Saturno – 03:23 Emulação Dreamcast – 03:35 Emulação N64 – 04:05 Emulação PS1 – 04:44 Emulação PSP – 05:26 Emulação PS2 – 06:21 Emulação GameCube – 07:26 Emulação Wii – 08:17 Emulação Wii U – 08:42 Emulação Switch – 09:28 Emulação PS3 – 10:23 Disclaimer: Esta análise inclui links afiliados. Qualquer coisa que você comprar desses links ajuda a apoiar o canal.


39 thoughts on “Incrível desempenho de emulação portátil! – Xbox 360, Switch, PS3, Wii U e PS2 – AYANEO NEXT

  1. Which PS2 games are too demanding for this? Would've been great if you went into more detail on that. Is it an emulator problem or is the 5800U not powerful enough to emulate all PS2?

  2. Can someone tell me if this or any other handhelds could emulate Tenchu Z for Xbox 360?

    I have a powerful pc and tried but this game requires really specific specs to run, such as amd gpu, if I’m not wrong.

  3. i remember just a few years ago the handheld pcs such as the GPDwin left a lot to be desired, its so amazing to see the progress of these mini pcs within such a short amount of time. You can only imagine how powerful devices such as this will be in the next 5 years; and when battery technology sees big advances devices like these will no longer be limited by their portabiliy.

  4. Steam deck is made with steam/pc gaming specifically in mind. You can also emulate on it, or you could get the Odin Pro for only $300 which is android based and perfect for all emulation. You could get both devices and still have a couple hundred dollars left compared to purchasing this device. What exactly makes this stand out to the point that it's worth buying it over the other options?

  5. Im going to stick with my Win 3 until the Steam Deck comes out. Just got an Odin Pro in for emulation too, so… This does look impressive, just can't afford to drive down every lane.

  6. Too expensive and can't even run well those games that you showed us so probably a lot more too, so I'll pass and wait till there's something good.

  7. Nice video! Exactly what I was looking for while browsing YouTube for Aya Neo Next videos. 😉
    Are you going to do the same for the Steam Deck when it's out? Can't wait for emulation on that device!

  8. Considering how expensive this is, it's ridiculous there are some PS2 games that are too much for it. Ayaneo and GPD have become overpriced in my opinion, while the devices are awesome, there are always limits to what you can do with them, I mean this plays PS2 as well as the Ayn Odin does which is around £200. Prices should reflect this more. thank god for the Steam Deck. (And yes i do understand it's more of a software issue but still).

  9. Mobile émulation has surpassed PC retro emulation in performance. I would never spend this much money for retro gaming. This should be best used for PC games/Switch emulation

  10. If you upgrade the processor to one of these 3 you will get better results I would have thought

    AMD Ryzen 9 5980HX & AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS & AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX

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