Música completa do Wii U Homebrew App Store

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26 thoughts on “Música completa do Wii U Homebrew App Store

  1. Hey. So on my wiiu I have the homwbrew launcher on the menu and when I click it it loads fine but only 3 apps show but I have more on the sd card




    But i have maybe 12 more apps

    Can you help?

  2. This sounds like something out of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Like if there was a rest mode or something on one of the stages. Great musical choice!

  3. Modders have a good taste in ui music
    Until, like Nintendo, the gave it up. I guess we aren’t really enemies. We are now both going towards the same over simplified style.

  4. Whenever a Homebrew app freezes or crashes I always think my 3DS got bricked for a second, but when I turn off the system and turn it on again it's fine lol.

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