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47 thoughts on “Acessórios para Nintendo DS – Scott The Woz

  1. 1:22 i laughed cause "that cant be true"…
    i own a ds lite, dsi, i used to own a black ds lite (which i gave to a friend, i had a lot) and now a fourth one someone gave me for free. This isnt including the 2 3ds's i own (1 broke, pillow to open screen by dad. got 3ds xl as replacement. actually managed to get the broken one working again recently, guess a wire was loose in top screen.)

    Im exactly the problem, and maybe even one of the bigger ones.

    (Also yes, if i find any im gonna buy another broken 3ds for cheap, preferably "new" or 2ds, and repairing it just for shits and giggles.)

  2. I'm sure someone else has already said this but the RAM expansion pack on the DS lite did work on certain games I just don't remember what games 😅 but everyone enjoys loading faster right

  3. my family owned a video game store for a few years (we bought it from the previous owner and ran it till 2020 as a whole did it in sales-wise) and we had these types of accessories comin out of our ears! i even remember finding multiple of those pianos and guitar hero accessories in the bottoms of drawers when i was working. i swear you couldnt go through any tub in the storage there and NOT come back with at least 5 carrying cases, a screen protector, and probably 17 different stylus'. we had the still-sealed packs of the starter kits lining the walls till the day we closed, despite selling plenty when we sold pre-owned handhelds, and i ended up with a bunch that were loose and unable to be paired with pre-owned systems cause i had a 3DS and they'd hand any cool ones off to me. every so often i'll be cleaning my room and find some weird ones stowed away, like this one lego stylus where you could build on top of it cause it was an actual lego on the top (cool asf on paper, a little less cool when the stylus feels like its going to fall out of your hand cause it has a helicopter on top)

  4. I love my Wii! Still have it. WiiU I hated. Except Mario Maker on the WiiU was rocking but the switch Mario Maker wasn’t that great but I wasn’t going to keep my WiiU for one game. I have my 3DS which my best friend from high school still has and my 2DS Pikachu because it’s cute as hell. I do miss some of my older handheld games.
    Or my friend has my DSi, I know it’s a shiny red! I did love the Guitar Hero but it hurt my wrist because of carpal tunnel.

  5. I remember I had a flash cart bundle. Came with a flash cart for each slot.. The software on the DS cart could write gba games and saves to slot 2 and launch them.
    But the slot 2 cart also had the ram expansion AND rumble built-in.

    I had this bundle for both DS and DS Lite.
    I've since lost both consoles and bundles

  6. I owned a Wii but not a DS at the time. I waited till Friggin 2020 to get myself a 3ds. Then I went for a DSi…. Yeah I saw people with them at the time, so did my dad, did he even attempt to get one? HEEEEEELLL Naah!!

  7. 16:06 wile he mentions some accesories that went unreleased i look up the name squeedballs party ds is under released game sooo, was meant be an forced accessory like the skylanders or something more dry? i mean the game is far playable without need one so its basicaly droped the idea by the last minute.

  8. The pokemon walker was such a good addition to gold. I remember leveling my arba by running around the block and when I got tired I would watch TV and shake it up and down.

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