Comprei um Wii U em 2021… eis o porquê

O Wii U foi praticamente esquecido após o enorme sucesso do Switch, juntamente com muitos dos grandes títulos do Wii U sendo portados, no entanto, devido a várias coisas ao redor do sistema, parece que está se tornando um item de colecionador sólido. os próximos dois anos. Segundo canal: Spawncast Clips: Story Fire: /video Twitter: @SpawnWaveMedia Spawn Wave Merch: Considere nos apoiar no Patreon: Reddit: r/SpawnWave Siga-nos no Twitch: Ouça nosso podcast semanal: Música: Curta, comente e inscreva-se! Obrigado por assistir! #Nintendo #WiiU #Wii


32 thoughts on “Comprei um Wii U em 2021… eis o porquê

  1. Wii U owner of many years here. Just wanted to clear up a couple of things from this video:
    The Wii remotes come with it because almost any multiplayer game for the Wii U requires the additional players to use a Wiimote or a Wii U Pro controller. Wiimotes are pretty essential to have unless you are playing strictly single-player.

    Heh, things like Devil's Third… I remember often seeing those (and the Ninja Gaiden games and such) in the $10 bins at my local supermarkets because no one wanted to buy all the copies of those games that were printed. Hilarious to see them going for such high prices now.

    I'm happy to see the Wii U getting some recognition as this easily my favorite gaming console of all time just based on when I bought it in my life. I still play it weekly, and for the past nine years or so it has by far been my most-used gaming console out of the many I own. So many of the games on there were real gems, especially Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, etc. Spectacular system, I never considered how it will probably become a collector's item one day.

  2. I have 2 wii u's from when they were new. Never thought it was a great console. It's pretty much portable too. All you need is an outlet and you're good to go. Back in the day I used the game pad for watching Netflix. Idk I think the wii u is better than the switch, but I know there's many people against me 😂

  3. I've noticed how cheap Wii U games are at the moment so I got myself a lot of games I didn't have already. Star Fox Zero (15€ NEW), Parer Mario Color Splash (30€ NEW), Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (14€ NEW), Pikmin 3 (25€ NEW), Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (20€ USED) and Zelda: BotW (35€ USED). WarioWare and The Wonderful 101 are 2 games I'd still like to get my hands on and they're pretty rare and very pricey

  4. I knew this the moment it started to fail. I bought one with all Mario games, Zelda HD games, donkey kong tropical freeze etc and love it. The VC was also great and had all zelda games! When Switch released i waited for games on switch and then noticed all great games where ports of wii U games… So i skipped it. Now… still the best games on switch are still those i'm still not getting a switch.

  5. I hated the Wii U when I owned it, because I picked it up late in its life. If I remember correctly, it was about 7 months prior to the Switch reveal.

    I had fun with the games I started collecting….but it was too little too late for me.

    I recently just purchased a used one on EBAY since Nintendo doesn’t want to release those awesome Zelda HD ports. Even if they do…I plan to keep it this time.

  6. Just bought a bundle including BoTW and an Assassins Creed game today for $100. IMO a great value, especially just because I want to mod it so I can play gamecube and n64 with a handheld. Worst case scenario I can just sell the gamepad for more than I bought the whole bundle for. I look forward to making that thing an entertainment center for years to come.

  7. I bought the Wii U when it was released and loved it. I bought New Mario U and Zombie U with it and really enjoyed the games. I really liked the levels that were reminiscent of The Starry Night and Zombie U uniquely took advantage of the controller. I’m surprised that not many people like Mario Bros U. However, before that I had only played the original New Mario Bros, I guess people might have just been burnt out on them.
    Another thing that I really liked (especially in the beginning) were the the community groups on the Wii U online where people would post little messages with little drawings they made with the game pad and stylus. I think if they had marketed the system better it would have been a success.

  8. I still use my Wii U in 2022!!! I like it more than my Wii and it's not that much worse than my Switch. I own about 10 games for my Wii U and only 6 games for my Switch. I love that the Wii U can play Wii games too. I have a GameCube as well but I don't play that anymore. I had a N64 but somehow I lost all my games and my console. Maybe I gave it away and forgot. Wish I still had it. Anyways, I like my Switch but I still love my Wii U!

  9. I love my Wii U. I bought one again also in 2020 used from GameStop and it was the wind water edition which ahhhhhhh!!. It’s august 2022 and back in April I dropped something on the gamepad screen and the lcd cracked. I’m nervous to do the repair myself but it still works fine. Windwaker on a 55” lg c8 Oled is gorgeous.

  10. Wii U
    Has a lot of good ORIGINAL titles with DLC that was ACTUALLY WORTH IT (MK8, Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Etc.)
    Has a lively menu
    Although bulkier, it can survive a fall more easily
    Eshop is neatly sorted out, with even a minigame while waiting for something you purchased
    The Nintendo directs during this era were fire
    There are folders to sort out your games
    Nintendo's first HD console

    Nintendo Switch
    Mostly piggyback-rides on past games, ESPECIALLY Wii U games
    The menu is dull. no music, plain background
    E shop looks like a digital Goodwill
    Folders are half assed. Not to mention it took 5 whole years for the Switch to HAVE a folder to begin with.
    the only revolutionary thing- first hybrid console, as if the Wii U didn't kind of already do that, the Switch just IMPROVED on the concept

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